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New Media:

-          New Virtual World Taking Shape in Australia This article appeared in the Next technology section of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age from Melbourne.

Online Marketing:

-         SEO Copywriting: Does 'Search Friendly' mean 'Human Readable'? This article for describes how with the right approach, you can bridge worlds to create compelling copy that gets found by those searching for your products or services.

-      Building Better Corporate Blogs This was a fun article to write as it features advice from some of my favorite bloggers like Robert Scoble.

-         SEO Best Practices: BizTech magazine featured this article in it's online and offline September 2006 issue. It shows how one of the clients I work with at Quarry managed to increase online leads by 600% year over year. I have written other articles for BizTech Magazine on the following topics:
Landing Page Optimization
Link Building
Site Maps

-         Make Pay-Per-Click Advertising Pay Off: featured this article on launching a pay-per-click campaign which I wrote in 2005.

Great Interviews:

-         Anita Roddick: The New Bottom Line The Body Shop founder and fair-trading pioneer was typically unreserved in this exclusive interview.

-         Deepak Chopra's Key to Freedom: I met with Deepak Chopra at his La Jolla Center to conduct this interview in 2001. He was courteous and thoughtful, taking time to consider each question carefully.

-         Dennis Connor on Commitment: The 4-time America's Cup winner weighs in on what it takes to build a winning team.

-         Howard Schultz for Hire: The Starbucks CEO's resume reads like the American dream fulfilled. Read up on the traits that propelled him to fame and fortune.

Personal Favorites:

-         Danny Ainge: Household Hero: Cranked out in a few hours to meet a deadline, this story won more praise than anything else I wrote in three years at MyPrimeTime.

-         Fun at All Costs: An interview with rogue toymaker genius Ralph Osterhout in San Francisco. It killed me to make a short word-count on this one -- the man is a living quote machine.

-         Looking Down the Y2K Barrel: With a half-hour interview and just 60 minutes of writing this piece was written with the frenetic pace of its subjects. With the holiday season and all the Y2K hype, it barely got noticed, but I still like the linebacker on PCP imagery. 

-         Trading a Saviour: Yeah, a bit edgy here. I certainly didn't want to offend anyone, but I also figured it might. Thankfully I got some great support from Gazette readers and this piece went on to win Column of the Year.

Sports Greats:

-         Lockout Comes Before the Shootout: Written way back in 1994 when the NHL players were locked out, this hockey event allowed me to interview some of the greatest in the game .... and Marty McSorley too.

-         Mike Mussina Remembers When Pitching was Done on the Field: I sat down with the Baltimore Orioles ace in 1995. This Gazette column was the result.

-         Golden Jet, Guy Lafleur and More: Their professional careers behind them, these hall of famers felt free to drink, smoke and have a chat with a young interviewer.


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